Getting to know music artist C Mayja

What’s your artist name and where are you from? 

C Mayja born and raised in Memphis TN now residing in Dallas TX. 

Why do you love music?

It’s the universal language everyone from All walks of life can relate to. Music can change moods from bad to good, push you through workouts, even speak for you. Music has many unique genres with different styles but the foundation of each genre is virtually the same. A musical arrangement using an instrument or

Voice with a message or story . Music is story telling. Boy do I have a lot of those .. Through music I can release emotions I have harbored inside. Music is literally a release for me. Euphoric. I feel invigorated and empowered with music not just my own. Music allows me to see Other people deal with similar things in life and reminds me that we aren’t so different.

What makes you different as a music artist?

I grew up in a musically inclined family. Someone was singing or playing in a band so music was instilled in me. I started off playing piano, then bass. Ive played or sung in choirs since my adolescent years. It’s apart of me. I love it. It’s therapeutic. My music is authentic. It’s not a copy and paste of another popular artist . It’s ME and it grows day by day and only

Gets better. I want to always be able to evolve and elevate my sound and style with the times but remain true to my roots as an artist. I also think me learning music by ear first gave me an advantage that Learning by reading scales doesn’t give you. By learning by ear I can freestyle and play along to songs without ever hearing them. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I hope to be able to say in 5 years that I was able to inspire many with my music and create songs people can relate to. I want to be the voice of people that may not have the strength or Courage to say certain things whether it be an expression of LOVE or PAIN.I want to more importantly be an example for my own children . I want them to see me in such a high regard that me walking on water isn’t too far fetched to them. I don’t want to be perfect. I want to be the best me I can be for me and for others . 

What do you want to accomplish in life? 

I want to be the best version of me I can be. I want to LIVE not just exist. I want to leave a legacy that outlives me. I want to touch the lives of many in a positive light. I want to use music to take me

To places I once believed were I reachable. I want music to be the introduction to meeting other great artists and influencers. I want to live a regret free life and not put off for tomorrow what can be done today. Tomorrow may not come. I live by the creed of JUST DO IT. Like Nike. Nothing just falls in your lap. In life we get what we WORK for not what we WISH for.

What do you bring to the music world? 

Hybrid Southern flavor with old and new vibes that can resonate with many age ranges. Diversity in my ability to take my church beginnings and utilize that foundation to make music of all genres . I am unique in my own right as an artist who does everything. I write, I produce my own tracks and I sing. That means my music is 100% me done by me my way. I control 100% of the process which allows me to deliver the best representation of C Mayja. I’ve worked with others before and the final product ended up being a song I didn’t recognize because the engineer or producer made it fit their style. 

What do you want to be remembered by? 

I want to be remembered for not being content with where I started. Growing up in Orange Mound in Memphis TN did not define what I was gonna be as a man. It helped mold me but I wanted more out of life and I took action ! I want to be able to give practical advise on the fact that your today doesn’t define your tomorrow. If you want something and work towards it then even if it takes a while, each day you are a step closer to your dreams.