Introducing: Cole Lumpkin

Emerging out of the circulatory city of downtown NYC, alternative recording artist Cole Lumpkin let us know over at billboard that music to him “is the endgame of self-induced euphoria.” Over the course of three years of consistently colorful releases, Cole has amassed an international following of over 50,000 fans with over a million views and streams across all platforms.

“I’ve been actively releasing music under my name since 2017 and it has always been a sanctuary, but I was hesitant to perform for the public,” says the critically acclaimed entertainer. “Then, I saw this concert at Madison Square Garden, and the artist, who’d I’d been listening to since they were uploading to Napster, was in full bloom that night. 21,000 people singing along to these songs gave me chills. Seeing the potential to affect that many people myself, and knowing I’d have to manifest it from nothingness, was all of a sudden this beautiful challenge. And ever since then, I’ve been all buttons in, baby.”

Cole’s signature sound draws from an original combination of pop, progressive rock, hip hop and soul. Dirty east coast drums, dark chord progressions, fat bass and nasty guitars serve as a unique complement to his airy and smooth singing style. He has collaborated with Talib Kweli and Joyner Lucas producer “DECAP” and alt pop singer-songwriter Tor Miller.

Under the Suite 484 Record Label, Cole has begun to work on his upcoming debut album. “Onwards and upwards,” says the New York native. “ I’m beginning to dig into album mode with a buffet of songs that I think reflect me at my musical core.” The initial single to the release, entitled “Ella Jane”, was released July 29th, 2022 and features an alternative, sultry production from the crooner himself. It is available on all streaming platforms now.