Entertainment Mogul Cutty First Event “Rolling Hills Concert In Beverly Hills” Sold Out After First “two hours”

The first event of the "Rolling Hills Concert Series" by Cutty TV in Beverly Hills cemented itself as a groundbreaking night full of musical wonders.

Good performances, good music, and the best venue always guarantee a fantastic concert. Cutty TV had set the bar high by hosting the new "Rolling Hills Concert Series," featuring some of the most iconic underground jewels. The first powerhouse event occurred in Attitude Lounge in Beverly Hills and was sold out within the first couple hours after doors open. The show created a huge buzz as it showcased rising talent from deep within the underground, making it a full night of entertainment.

Hits from RnB, Hiphop, and everything in between were heard throughout the night, with an impressive lineup consisting of DQ Rogers, Teytertot, Lakaliente, Duchess Babyy, Yondo, and Headliners Sk David Baby, and Cityboistreets. The Rolling Hills in Beverly Hills was a night full of mind-altering beats and dance moves and started with showcasing Lakaliente latest fashion line, Blue$tripes, to set the event's tone for the rest of the artists.

The headliners of the event, SK David Baby and Cityboistreets, had their turn to show the crowd what they got. The crowd was excited to see both performances, and SK David Baby brought the New Orleans heat. Cityboistreets also took the stage and showed everyone why he’s one of the best from New York. It was great seeing so many music lovers from different backgrounds come together for this event. It was also the first time we ever seen Sk David Baby & Cityboistreets headline the same event.

When asked about the event's success, Cutty, the founder of Cutty TV, said, "The power of underground electronic music is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. The Rolling Hills concert series seeks to bring the next generation of great underground artist to the public, featuring some of the greatest names in music today. We want to thank everyone, especially sponsors, for their support and hope to make the same bang in our next event. If you love to experience quality music and a crazy party, get ready for the next Rolling Hills Event. The hottest underground artist performs for you in an awesome venue. It's about time to get a little wild!!”

It was a breathtaking concert series with many rising and contemporary artists. From people coming from surrounding cities to residents from Philadelphia, everyone enjoyed themselves at Rolling Hills Concert Series. As soon as every artist hit the stage, it was as if they were performing in a sold-out stadium with their energy and talent on stage. Everything from the venue to the artists to the electrifying performances they gave. The audience had a memorable experience.

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