Brandon King, Songwriter Turned Music Executive Finds Purpose With Landmark Marketing Group

Brandon King known by colleagues as “BK” is a songwriter turned music executive residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. Brandon has written songs and developed artists and producers careers over the last 10 years. Brandon and his team became one of the most sought after songwriting teams between 2012 and 2018; working with notable brands, artist and producers like Lady Ga Ga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, JR Rotem, 50 Cent’s ”Power” on STARZ, Love and Hip Hop and countless others. Continuing to use his resources to help and develop independent and major label artist, Brandon is currently owner of the record label Landmark Music Group and boutique marketing firm Landmark Marketing Group. When asked why he stepped away from a successful songwriting career, Brandon replied “I want my work and efforts to intentionally help more than just myself, with marketing and artist development I can lend my experience and expertise to those in the position I was once in trying to understand the business and the best way to navigate through it”

Brandon’s approach is unique coming from a creative background and understanding the skepticism behind trusting marketing agencies. Brandon states that “when intaking a new client education and transparency are key. We want our clients to understand what and why we are doing what we are doing”.  Brandon and his companies have helped connect dots as a liason between label executives and unsigned artists; as well as develop strategy and marketing campaigns to jump start the career’s of numerous artist. A few artist he’s helped are Stefan James (Universal Republic/Warner Chappell), Armani Ceasar (Griselda), Producer Ism Beats (Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, Dani Leigh etc.), Carson Lueders (Def Jam), Coolights (STAR on FOX Theme Song “I Bring Me”, B Smyth, Eric Bellinger)  and countless others he’s put in position to win. He’s become a respected figure in today’s music business and his star continues to rise.

Brandon discovered his love for music at a very young age falling in love with percussion and begging his mom and dad for his first drum set. He went on to play drums for his church and provide entertainment with his brother Mike on the bass guitar at family functions as his skill developed. Later in life Brandon knew his talents were behind the scenes in business and organization. Soon he found his love in marketing and promotion leaving Fayetteville State University as a junior to open his first businesses to help support his family after his father’s passing from cancer.  Brandon was exposed to music executives, major artist, marketing and PR agencies through a business he established with his partner Larry Rivera at A.N.G, while marketing a service called OverWeb3D to major label artist. This opened Brandon’s rolodex up to Industry contacts and he parlayed those relationships into a songwriting and artist development company. After helping multiple artist secure recording contracts Brandon saw the landscape change to digital and began to seek companies specializing in services like Instagram, Spotify and YouTube promotion for his clients but realized a majority of these companies couldn’t deliver on the promises they made to artists. This pushed Brandon to get YouTube Music and Google Ads Certified in order to focus more on providing real music marketing with measurable results. Applying his knowledge and relationships as CEO of Landmark Music Group with his studies in marketing, he launched Landmark Marketing Group.

Before long, Brandon and LMG began conducting large budget promo campaigns and producing significantly better results than the companies he once contracted. These successes led him to working with artist like Suicide Boys, Drumma Boy, Scott Storch, Night Lovel, Derez Deshon, Inas X, Cleopatra Films and many more. Brandon provides services with guarantees to help artist hit significant milestones and utilizes his relationships to help his clients sign deals with major labels and distributors when they hit those milestones. Brandon is a man of God who places value on morals and his companies code of ethics where Integrity, Competence, Teamwork, Effectiveness, Accountability and Fairness are the key points.

Brandon is developing a music distribution company where the focus record of every artist release will get guaranteed playlist pitching and marketing services to assure artist growth and exposure even on a bare bones monthly budget as low as $80, opposed to releases reaching only artist close friends and family. His goal is to provide a real solution for talented artist to make their way through the noisy music business.

Brandon King and his companies are the last of a dying breed in know how and integrity and his clients feel a breath of fresh air from the free consultation and resources he provides along with his services.