Billboard Introduces Upcoming Musician AR Santiago, [READ MORE]

Ashley-Renee Santiago, also known by her stage as AR Santiago, was born on July 25, 1993, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Afro-Latina musician finds inspiration in pop and soul music to write songs that are unique for the audience to listen to and appreciate. The musician asserts that she stands apart from other musicians and artists in the music industry because of her distinctive tone, style, and delivery. Music has had a huge impact on AR since when she was a little girl. She first developed an interest in producing music by experimenting with different instruments when she was about 4 or 5. While playing the instruments, she would also sing lyrics from other artists she had been listening to, which resulted in a creative and uplifting piece. She would regularly watch TV, listen to music, and become motivated after school. She has always loved Beyoncé and Michael Jackson as performers. AR grew up adoring Michael Jackson's theatrical persona. She was much ahead of her time in the 1990s because of her charisma, delivery manner, attire, lyrics, music, and dance gestures. AR was inspired to pursue a career in music as a result of witnessing MJ and Beyoncé perform, much like Beyoncé, whose alluring appearance, appealing voice, and songs captured his interest.

She draws inspiration from songwriters who have always been very imaginative, and this has encouraged her to compose original songs that have never been recorded before. AR likes to compose music. They composed songs and competed alongside B Hess who has written for Grammy nominated artists like Luke James, Eric Bellinger, Bridgette Kelly, etc. She has also worked with Nick Grant, and Poplord, who allowed her to write music for Usher, Summerella and others. AR's long-term goals include a world tour in favor of her music and the 2022 release of her next mini-EP, "Sad Girl Hours."

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