Rising Rap Artist Trey Gracianette Sits with Billboard

Trey Gracianetteis is an independent rising rapper from the United States who was born on April 25th, 2000. He also has a following on social media. Trey was born in the Birmingham metropolitan region of Alabama to be a great up-and-coming rapper. Before switching to becoming an independent rapper, Trey was a social media marketing entrepreneur with millions of followers. Trey started writing music with his buddies in 2019. Soon after, he attracted the admiration of millions of people online, who praised him for his distinctive, alluring, and memorable songs. His style was so captivating that it allowed him to reach a million followers in such a short period. At that point, he decided to change his profession and start rapping. Trey didn't start taking music seriously until 2021, and his debut song wasn't published until July 2022. Because of how well-known the song became, several online communities have mentioned its lyrics. Trey's track greatly contributed to his rise to prominence. Trey is now much more committed to music and has plans to release his first mix tape soon.

He has always drawn influence from his two favorite musicians, Juice WRLD and XXXTentacion. These two musicians are renowned for their eclectic music and distinctive lyrics, and Trey shares the same qualities. His closest supporters on the road to success as a rapper are his family and friends. Check out Trey's music at @treygracianette on Instagram and SoundCloud to see how frequently he promotes his music. Even though he was so young, he managed to gain around a million Instagram followers and had the lyrics to his song 6D uploaded on Genius and other internet resources.

One day, Trey wants to be a household name and a well-known rapper throughout the globe. He wants to serve as an example for all the young people out there who are having a hard time pursuing their goals. Since he is also a social media influencer, he wants to use his lyrics to share experiences with others to help them succeed in all of their struggles. Make sure to listen to his music, which can be found on his Instagram and in the song 6D feat. Joey J. Drip and tristan.2hard.

Visit the following URL to find out more about the artist: https://linktr.ee/treyGracianette