'Louie Gooey' Has The Mindset To Be Great In Music Scene

For many of us, music has a healing impact on our bodies and minds. Studies revealed that music touches the deep emotional centers in our brain and helps attain catharsis.  Louie Gooey, telling of his hit number, says: “Music is life itself. It runs deep in my veins. I have poured out my heart and soul into making the songs. Any true art imitates life and embodies its learning. 

As an artist, I must see my songs reflect all facets of life and human experience. And the song and beats churns out some of the deepest sentiments and emotions I experienced.He started his social presence back in 2014 when he  released Radiohead covers on Twitter. Louie Gooey doesn’t fail to amaze us again with his ability to adapt to new talent. 

Louie Gooey looks forward to bringing that spark to the music industry and feels his authenticity and lifestyle connects with people causing him to relate to anyone that’s a true hustler and passionate about their music. It’s safe to say that the upcoming  artist  has the confidence and mindset to be great and impact this industry for years to come. Louie Gooey is an artist to watch and for as he is set to leave his footprint in the music.

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