Getting to know music artist CBG

Ryan Antone McGee professionally known as CBG is a new upcoming artist from Polk County Florida. I started music when I was 15 years old , but it was always in me, Initially I was doing music just for fun ,but the more I put my lyrics into motion it became my life. 

What makes me different? Growing up I would gain most of my motivation to strive in the music industry was because of my mother. Seeing how hard she worked as a single parent to provide sparked something in me to be different and make a change. I watched how other iconic artists stood out I was able to create my own lane in the industry in style becoming a trendsetter mostly for my voice that I use to try to inspire young and older people. I never considered myself to be a rapper I always considered myself to be an artist because I feel like anyone can rap , but not everyone can be an artist , I try to paint an image in every song I make and turn it into a masterpiece with my own sound, my own style and my own flow .

Where do I see myself in 5 years ? I see myself working and collaborating with different major artists, I see myself being a better version of myself when I look in the mirror. I also see myself being a positive example for the younger generation changing lives by sharing my life experiences with others through my music . I see myself starting my own label and pushing others towards greatness. I see myself living somewhere in California . I also see myself being an entrepreneur at an early age investing in property , and investing in small companies. As an artist I try to vision more then just being an artist because I wanna set my self up in a position where I’m straight for life , my future wife and kids straight for life , and the closest ones to me straight for life.

What do I want to accomplish in life? The thing I want to accomplish in life is being remembered as a legend I just wanna earn my respect , I want to give back to the less fortunate, I want to make the younger generation believe that anything is possible if they always keep working hard and to never say that  they can’t do something or never letting no one tell them that they can’t do something , but the most important thing I want to accomplish is to live my best life because you only get one.

What do I bring in the music world?

What I bring is my voice that I will continue to use to inspire and change many lives in the hiphop/ r&b industry.  It’s something about music that changes the world, music helps people cope when you can’t talk to nobody and you feel like no one understands you , there’s something about music where you can hear a melody in a beat talking to you and you talk back . Some people put out there darkest secrets in they music which is powerful because you never know who life you may have impacted by telling your story.

What do I want to be remembered by?

I want to be remembered as someone that wasn’t just an artist but someone that inspired and motivated the next generation to never give up and to always keep God 1st in whatever they do.  I encourage every younger artist to be your self that’s the only person you can be , that’s what make you different because you not made to be like no one else , everyone was not made to fit in , everyone is not made to understand you , some people may hate you , some people may love you but that’s what makes YOU great .