Do you know what’s hard to believe? That Gabe Lustman is only 34 years old. The number of albums that he has released, the amount of s**t that he’s gone through, and the number of bangers he's dropped seems like he’s been in the game for an eternity. If you’ve followed Gabes’ career since the “Changed” days, you know all of the different styles of music that he’s capable of flirting with. In Good Girl Turn Bad, his latest single, he flirts with a lot.

I swear, I love Gabe’s energy! You can tell that he gives it his all every single time he hops on a mic. Like, there’s no way you can walk away from any song that you heard from Gabe Lustman feeling cheated by Gabes' effort. Throughout the song, he depends on animated deliveries to tackle a story of a girl who was once a good girl turned bad. It’s almost like Gabe knows how to make our ears and souls feel him.

The song is available for stream on all major digital stores and the video just dropped today! Have a watch you'll be glad you did!