Billboard Introduces Lil Gunk, Talks Music + Slatt House Records

San Diego, California is home to SLATT HOUSE, a multi-media enterprise. It was founded back in 2021 by Entrepreneur Bryant "Rouch" Vargas and musician/producer Mikiel Rodriguez, popularly known as "LiL GUNK". Originally a record label, it has since changed its focus to acting as an artist management company, representing musicians including Yours Troolie, Qualico, Tsumii, fvckmewhileicry, and Video Violence. The Slatt House members are always willing to work together as a team, carry no grudges, and respect one another's opinions. Since the collective chooses to work with everyone who has a love for this field (either big or small) its team members are always eager to work with anyone and grow their reputation. As of right now, the company does not consider anyone as a competition and there is a very powerful reason behind it. It’s because the company’s crew believes that "if the members of our community win, then we all win."

Lil Gunk has been in the music industry since 2017 as a producer, and later dropping his debut album “BOTTOM FEEDERS” in 2020 housing hit tracks “CURB $TOMP!” “wtfBISH” and “Virtual Reality”. After Slatt House Records was formed, Gunk dropped his EP, “THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT” during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic on Halloween of 2020. Since then Lil Gunk has been teasing his sophomore album “BLACKED OUT IN HOLLYWOOD” presumably set to release in October of 2022. Lil Gunk has stated that his goal is to make music that is both entertaining and a piece of his mind for people to feel his emotions by crafting beautiful lyrics that contain universal truths.

Lil gunk and the Slatt House team never stopped working hard, and ever since the collective was formed all it has done was grown, gained more traction and fans, and become increasingly successful. Entrepreneurs like Dana White, Dave Portnoy, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Mob, Brockhampton, and many more! are constant sources of inspiration for Slatt House. The team picks up a lot from the successful business people, concentrating on the strategy they developed, the methods they used to expand, and much more. Slatt House draws influence from several large corporations, including Universal, Lyrical Lemonade, and others.

Currently, Slatt House will have 15+ artists present at their second annual Slatterday Saints festival (Slatterday Saints: Crown of Thorns), including bands, singers, and rappers. Make sure to follow them on Instagram on July 30 in San Diego to learn more about upcoming activities. Please stay tuned as they have tons of exciting events and activities planned for their artists.In the future, Slatt House will continue to grow as a business, hire more people, and buy a place to express their ideas. SLATT HOUSE won't just be a basic label; it'll also be a production firm that can lend its resources and skills to artists they like and care about.

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