Tigue going from Antigua goes from local to worldwide sensation

Born in jamaica July 2nd, 1997 ; Justin moody-sturt otherwise known as upcoming singer songwriter “Tigue” representing Antigua and Barbuda is ready to spread good vibes and positive energy through his music. Being the only one of those cities to make this hip hop, R&B, afro-beats, dancehall, and reggae inspired music; Tigue has tried creating something unique and fresh to this music era.

Justin is trying to bring a different message than most artists in the game, spreading the word of love and hopes that when people listen; they dance and let the music take control. From being in musicals and writing songs when he was younger to officially recording three years ago, Tigue has always known spreading his music was a goal in life. Justin’s late father is his biggest influence, teaching him work ethic, doing everything for family, and that in life everything is earned. His father taught him what it takes to be a man, and sadly in November 2021 he passed from a heart attack. Speaking of family, Tigue’s family has been a huge support in his career and helping the Antiguan music industry be shown to the world. A lot of this new artist’s music is being heard around the world, he has big hopes for future shows in the US and Europe during 2023. Be sure to watch his last music video for “ feels like summer” with 50,000 views and his latest single for the ladies called “after summer” !!!!