''Jorge Soto'' represents the new energy in Hip-Hop


The pursuit of greatness comes at the highest price in life. Friends, family, and social media followers will attempt to discourage a dream chaser from stopping believing in the unthinkable. Traveling the road less traveled in life requires an iron stomach, eagle vision, lionheart, and unshakeable faith in oneself.

Less than 2% of aspiring Hip-Hop artists survive and make a successful career in rap. Rap music is the most desired career in entertainment.Rap music elevates a person’s life, brand, and finances to unbelievable heights. Rap music creates a bridge between street dreams and rap icons. Hip-Hop evolved from break-dancing to selling out stadiums worldwide.

Jorge Soto is an artist who developed on the rap scene, releasing his album "Soto Life" Which is a real success, today pursues music and constantly seeks novelty within his projects.

Spotify: Spotify – Soto Life

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