'Jonathan Hatchi' Represents the new energy in JAZZ Music

When I think of an artist with an amorphous quality to endure changes in the atmosphere, culturally speaking. On “Jonathan Hatchi” he gets into a manic shouting match with a tempestuous voice creating confusion in his head.


My name is Jonathan Hatchi and I am the author of the blog “cours-saxophone.com”. I help saxophonists to progress. I made a launch under the advice of Olivier. At my last launch, I was able to make 20,000 euros in turnover. It allowed me to be able to help a maximum of saxophonists to progress.

In fact, I grew up in the Church and I started in an environment where there was a lot of music for every weekend. I was going to church and I started the saxophone naturally at the age of 16. And there I really liked music instruments because it allowed me to be able to express who I am and then there you go for playing instruments, it's an instrument on which I have a lot of matches.

Inspirations & Motivations

Why I started playing the saxophone because I saw someone play saxophone in a concert and I liked it. And suddenly afterwards, I said to my parents, that's it, I'm going to do it, I'm going  to play the saxophone too. And then here it is, I started, then after I didn't give up, I worked every day, every day and then after I wanted to be the best. I'm going to be the best everytime. After that I started playing in concerts, I started in the Church afterwards, When I started to play in concerts,  they started calling me and paying me for all that. I go to convert groups. That's it, Oh!!! and my aspirations, the saxophonists, my inspiration,  I did the conservatory as soon as I started. Classical training and after  Jazz training.

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