Get To Know Wayne Wealthy

Born in New York, August 1998 Wayne Lawrence Jr. otherwise known as hip hop/ rap artist and entrepreneur Wayne Wealthy is sharp witted and is aware that in life; you either win or you learn.

Wayne brings something unique in his music and clothing brand that a lot of people want but don’t have. Now after the course of two years with his music, Wayne Wealthy has been featured on Genius and is planning on releasing a lot of new music, Also his biggest inspiration is himself and God. Being a very talented athlete, you can find him playing sports when he’s not making music. This artist/ entrepreneur is his own biggest influence, due to the fact that he pushes himself to always strive for greatness. Wayne Wealthy is looking forward to his growth as an artist and working with fellow artists that are able to match his fortitude, efficiency, and energy. A few of his plans for the future are to release more music, grow his clothing brand, and try to get into the g league! Be sure to stay tuned on Wayne Wealthy’s instagram accounts @waynewealthy and @winnerswearwealthy for upcoming music updates and clothing brand releases by this talented young artist!