Anthony Uncensored: The “Bad Boy” of Business is Booming & Breaking Barriers

The “Bad Boy” of Business, Anthony Uncensored, has blended the enormous worlds of Business & Night Life Culture with his “Larger than Life.” approach to everything he sets out to accomplish.

We asked Anthony Uncensored, “What are some past hardships that groomed you to be able to deal with problems that may come your way, Today?”

Anthony Answered:

“I grew up blessed with a great set of parents; although we were middle-class citizens, we sacrificed a lot. I had to share amongst many siblings, so money ran dry a lot of times, and sharing became normal to me, which is why I’m such a giving person as an adult.

I faced a lot of life; my parent's divorce hit me mentally, and being bullied in school made it worse. I was growing up to promise myself to do anything not to be, without putting many fires under my behind to strive for more. I moved to Miami to learn more about my culture and try things out. Many of my peers don’t know, but I went homeless bc I followed my dream. Living in my car for a few weeks changed me, and the crazy thing is I appreciated it in the end; I worked hard and got back on my feet on my own. When I moved back to Houston, I was a new man. I knew I had to rebrand. And that I did!”

Uncensored’s story is a prime example of “What’s for you, Is for you, and no one can stop it!”. After experiencing an unwarranted firing a few years back, Anthony has since taken complete control of his life and business by taking on the complex yet rewarding journey of full-time entrepreneurship.

In addition to serving as The Founder & CEO of The “HOUSE,” which has become a Night Life home to the LGBTQ+ Community in the Great City of Houston, The “Bad Boys LA” Reality Star recently made his television debut on The Zeus Network, Co-Starring in The 1st Season of “Bad Boys LA.”

With his eyes set on launching his very own Luxury Shade Collection, It's evident that this Serial Entrepreneur is The Ultimate “Bad Boy.” when it comes to building a brand, Re-Inventing, and Sustaining amid A Global Pandemic.

Houston’s Own Anthony Uncensored has set the standard for Top Tier Events as each of his events has turned the city of Houston inside out with a Bold Theme and a Packed “House.”

Fortunately, Keeping up with The Bad Boy is becoming quite the task as life for Anthony Uncensored is moving fast as “The Anothony Uncensored Brand” is growing even more quickly than ever with Club Bookings, Filming Schedules, and Running Day to Day Operations at House HTX.

When it comes to the new wave of Entrepreneurship, Anthony Uncensored is our Modern-Day Business Leader with the Skill Set required to Succeed and The “Bad Boy” Edge to be relatable to his peers.

It’s safe to say, The Bad Boy of Business- is booming and showing no sign of slowing down.

We’re looking forward to following the Life and Career of the Bad Boy of Business & Night Life as he continues to ascend with every Business Venture in the works!