A Deep Look Inside Teflon4k!

Meet Teflon4K, evoking the right emotions as a reality rapper by making relatable music for the public. 

It is his versatility and unique vibe, which are a few reasons for his consistent rise in the industry.

There are tons of talented beings working across different sectors around the world trying to make their mark in all that they choose to do in their endeavours in life. These individuals make sure to give it their all and work with 100% commitment to ensure they reach their desired success and growth levels in their chosen industries. To do that in the world of music has proved to be even more challenging, but a few artists have done even that and have shown their A-game in music. One such incredible soul among them is Teflon4K, who chose the ever-so-competitive industry and went ahead in becoming his best version of the artist he is today. 

Teflon4K is known for his excellence in expressing his deepest emotions through his music, which has often helped him turn into hit records because his themes are always either relatable and offer a next-level vibe. He hails from Buffalo, NY. As an artist he has proved his versatility with his distinctive style, which has allowed him to stand out from the rest in the industry. Each of his music pieces is an original, taking listeners on a late-night mission through the backstreets of Buffalo, NY.

Teflon4K had entered the industry in 2017, and since then, he has never looked back. Some of his achievements in the industry include having the music video for his song "Young Schemer" debut on BET Jams, later reaching over 67,000 views. He was also named one of the "2021 XXL Artist To Watch," and much more to come in the future. The independent rapper, singer, and songwriter says that his personal favourite tracks are "Dedicate," "Where We Stand," and his upcoming record "Dogs," which he believes could be the most relatable to his fans.

Speaking on his track "Where We Stand," Teflon4K says that he has tried to tell a relatable story of deep inner conflicts. He mentioned:

“The release of my new hit song “Where We Stand” which is already breaking records (100k first week streams on Spotify & 10k on apple music) tells a relatable story of constantly balancing between which to put first, the heart or the ambition while knowing the only person that keeps me from tipping over in a world full of chaos is the same person who’s love has faded away like a distant memory yet can still stand head high and pockets on full regardless! The thought processes behind “Where We Stand” can be seen in greater detail within the cover art created by the talented graphic designer “Lucky Msibi” (@lucky.carter) who put his all into bringing my vision to life in the most artistic way possible. The track is currently available on all streaming platforms and I cannot wait for my listeners (new and old) to let me know where we stand on this journey to breaking billboard charts!”

In the near future, he wishes to work with the biggest music artists and producers and release the best music.

Check out “Where We Stand” below!