Zaeny Becomes a Pop Sensation with His First Release Ever ‘So Fine’

Zaeny is a 23-year-old Canadian singer based out of Mississauga, Ontario Canada. With millions of people hearing the singer’s first EVER song, Zaeny is becoming a trending artist. Hype around his pop covers was the beginning to Zaeny’s pop career but now, it’s getting even bigger.

His artist/stage name is ZAENY, however the singer’s real name is Zain Malik. He was born on June 22nd, 1998. Growing up, Zaeny had always wanted to sing and play the guitar. When he was 10, Zaeny’s father Waseem Malik bought him his first guitar. However, it was in Zaeny’s junior year of high school that when he started to improve at playing guitar. Zaeny’s education was at Stephen Lewis Secondary School for his high school diploma. During those school years, he was also in a band. Around this time, Zaeny got into singing and recording vocal covers on YouTube. In 2016, he attended the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University in Ottawa; which is the capital of Canada. Throughout university Zaeny was actively singing and recording vocal covers for his fans on YouTube. After Zaeny’s intro to the pop world, 2022 stamps the year that Zaeny officially released his first song ever.

When the Canadian singer released his debut single ‘So Fine’ on February 1st, TikTokers with over 7 MILLION followers have made videos to ‘So Fine’. The sound on TikTok reached over a million people within the first week of the song’s release. Fans are in love.

Both his Spotify and YouTube soared with fans streaming and watching the music video. Over 100k people have seen his song on YouTube and had over 10k monthly Spotify listeners.

Zaeny has announced on his socials that he is now currently working on new music, videos, and even merch. We were able to find out that it may possibly be a 3-5 song EP. Fans are at the edge of their seats for this drop from Zaeny, and so are we.