Up Close & Personal with Upcoming Musician Teddy Rogers

Teddy Rogers is an artist from Jackson, MS, writing songs since he was 11 and recording since the age of 15, his rock n roll, jazz, and psychedelic-based music features lo fi vibes and a unique sound to set his brand apart from others on the scene.

His goal is to spread his message of being at peace through his media and music.

Some musical greats he admires include Kendrick Lamar, Joey BadA$$, Drake, Isaiah Rashad and Lil Wayne. They’ve each had big influences on his rap career, as well as VultureWRLD, a collective rogers created, whose artists have impacted his personal life since a kid, and his career today. He also takes inspiration from Drake’s hustle as a performer and a mogul, building himself to be one of the greatest artists worldwide.

Kendrick inspires him to be a great lyricist and a powerhouse for making meaningful music that impacts lives, JoeyBadA$$, as one of the youngest artists at the time of his debut, inspires rogers to be a powerful writer and lyricist while making music about the current state of the world, and Isaiah Rashad impressed him as a creative, and showed him how to embrace his southern roots through his music while still keeping his style unique to himself.

VultureWRLD, a collective created by Rogers featuring Seer, Hollywood Killakam, A$hwood, Garrett Carver, Kilo, Prophett, & Powe, uniquely inspires Rogers to maintain and build, not only his career, but support the careers of other creatives with all of his available sources and outlets. The name VultureWRLD comes by combining two important concepts around humanity’s relationship with death. Vultures represent the life that comes from death while WRLD is a tribute to the late Juice WRLD and an acronym for War Ready, Living to Die.

“Down To The Green Line” is a new EP dropping April 30. This is a 3 track EP with songs that are both vulnerable and meaningful to Rogers and his supporters. He’s recently released a previous EP called “Sorry, I missed Valentine’s Day”, with VultureWRLD and producer, A$hwood.

He has plans to perform at festivals for the upcoming years and release several more projects this year. You can follow his music and keep updated on events and appearances on IG: @slimerogers, Twitter: @slimerogers, and Teddy Rogers on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.