Successful Entrepreneur Curtis Pettaway Jr is making a “Dynamic Sound” in Houston, Texas

There are Entrepreneurs, and then there are leaders who consider the needs of their local communities when they go into business.

Curtis Pettaway Jr., The Owner of Dynamic Sound Houston, is the latter, as he’s created a state-of-the-art safe place for The Arts Community to cultivate their gifts in the great City of Houston, Texas.

DYNAMIC SOUND HOUSTON is an all-in-one music lessons & production workshop, rehearsal space, live sound rental & future small performance & event venue central to the Houston music and arts scene.

The main focus is lessons, talent development & empowering musicians and performers of the future with the skills they need to become better and more marketable at their craft.

Through their broad network of Instructors, Photographers, Videographers, and veterans in Music Performance and Education, there is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Founder Curtis Pettaway, Jr., “CJ,” had a knack for music, rhythm, and drums at a young age as he began playing by ear and taking drum lessons in elementary school. He quickly took hold of drums and percussion and played in school bands, church, junior high, and high school marching bands at Cypress Creek High School. 

Pettaway attended Texas Christian University, where he majored in Music Education with a minor in Music Performance. After realizing he wanted to learn more about the business and artist management aspects of music, he decided to transfer to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. He majored in and finished his Bachelor's Degree in Music Business, emphasizing production.

While at school in Nashville, he connected with many artists and musicians and began his work in DJing at various venues, producing and recording different artists, making beats and creating custom instrumentals, playing in-studio sessions, and making a name; for himself in the “Music City.” He was also able to intern with the Belmont East program and work in New York, NY, at Island Def Jam Records in radio promotion and Sirius Satellite radio in Imaging and commercial editing and production.

This experience was a game-changer for him in that he got to see and realize firsthand what it took to become a world-class musician and artist. Thus, a few years later and after much planning and preparation, spawned the creation of DYNAMIC SOUND HOUSTON!

Fortunately, these days there are so many Serial-Entrepreneurs succeeding in business, and it’s refreshing to see Entrepreneurs create opportunities for others while they grow!