Rapper Reels by K Shakes MrALLin

Create a Rapper Reel with one of the hottest dancers in the city, starring your latest song.

Rapper Reels were designed to create content for musicians/artist who want to translate over to the reel/TikTok world. Here are the benefits!

Audience: Tag Team and spread to the largest dance community in New York. Shakes has gone viral on many occasions and has been reposted by Chris Brown, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and many more.

Analytics: Each post averages about 1500 shares, minimum of 75k views and more! One of Shakes latest post has 488k views with almost 3k shares on TikTok!

Reach TikTok : TikTok is breaking records, experience the opportunity to have your song reach the millions of viewers by creating content with KShakes.