PBE PLUTO IS TOPPING THE SALES CHARTS ON ITUNES, HIS RECORD “STEPPIN” made the Top 100 sales charts on iTunes in USA also video made BET JAMS

“PBE PLUTO” is an up and coming Hip Hop Artist  is greatly inspired by real life experiences and hardships which influences him as an artist and his writing style.

PBE PLUTO is also a clothing designer where he designs his own brand “XROSSED-KULTURED”. He also has landed a few acting gigs where he is seen on the screen of 8 movies to name a few. In addition to that, he owns and operates his own entertainment company “PARKERBOY ENTERTAINMENT LLC”.

The Navy veteran attained trending statues on a multitude of forums with his single “GET LOW” reaching the list of top 5 on iTunes, R&B US SALES Charts, and various others. PBE PLUTO’s latest released single titled “SOAK UP THE DRIP” is exponentially gaining traction on several music platforms. “SOAK UP THE DRIP” has garnered  millions of views on YouTube and thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. The track has also brought PBE PLUTO on to the MTV – USA top 10 Hip Hop charts on Spotify and is also being picked up in different markets through national and international FM/SIRIUS XM radio stations. Armed with big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, PBE PLUTO seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through his music. 

He has new record (50 Ball) that is set to release this summer produced by lil baby’s 4PF super producer MATTAZIK MUZIK who has produced for lil yatti, lil baby, gunna, est gee, Tokyo jets, Rylo Rodriguez, no cap, lil jairmy and more https://www.xxlmag.com/mattazik-muzik interview/ , https://genius.com/artists/Mattazik-muzik
His record “Steppin” that’s airing on BET JAMS and has hit top 100 hip hop sales charts in USA. He is also going on tour with Gucci mane 1017 artist enchanting also heading shows with Gucci mane, moneybagg yo,  heading bonfire atl.

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