'' Ilyes Kaddouri '' Young talented Sports Journalist Of This Generation

Working at a magazine or newspaper, television, radio, or online, sports journalists report on sporting events to the general public. They watch and report on sporting events, follow up on leads for stories, and conduct research. Therefore, you will need solid writing, interviewing, presenting skills, research and organization abilities, a keen eye for detail, curiosity, and the ability to operate under pressure as a sports journalist.

Ilyes Kaddouri is a young sports writer specializing in football. He first became known on social networks, which allowed him to acquire a large community (more than 150K in total). Today, As being sports journalist that he wishes to make his mark. This is why he gives himself the means of his ambition by writing for various media such as Midi / Minuit, while at the same time directing his studies towards a Master in Sports Journalism.

IG : Ilyes (@ilyeskddr) • Photos et vidéos Instagram