Diving Into Rising Talent, Chhina!

Chhina takes the music world by storm with his audible “painkillers” in the form of his music as an independent artist and producer.

Apart from music, he has dived deep into the NFT space with his collection and aims to take over the Defi space as well.

It is so amazing to know and read more about all those people and professionals who always work towards making their name prominent by first attaining excellence in their work and then securing success in their respective industries. There are so many so talented beings who have been on a constant rise across industries and sectors of the world, especially youngsters, who have given it their all in order to excel beyond boundaries and create their unique niche in their careers and endeavours. Doing exactly that and much more in both the music and the Defi space is a true-blue professional and musical artist named Chhina.

Chhina hails from Toronto, Canada, and since a very young age, everything that revolved around music was his happy place. Very early in his life, he understood his purpose and thus spared no effort in honing his skills in music to become the artist he has become today. Chhina is known for creating audible “painkillers” that, according to him, are safe to get addicted to. His music has helped him stay unique in the industry, for this passionate being believes that his musical pieces and beats are a transparent representation of his spongy mind existing in this beautiful world. His purpose in music is to rhythmically heal himself, but more importantly, the listeners who are willing to accept his energy and voice. He wants to change lives through words and the music he makes.

Chhina has been in the industry for the past seven years and has since sharpened his musical skills and craft to become his better version each day. Growing up listening to some of the greats in the industry, Chhina was determined to be a part of the music realm. While in university, Chhina had begun rapping and making music with one of his good friends. Throughout his journey, he went through many challenges, but the music kept his going and gave him a sense of calm.

So far, Chhina has given some major hits, available on streaming platforms like Spotify, https://open.spotify.com/artist/0LSexypmTnXdy2zBkBpo0w, and has achieved tremendously in the music world, working along with top producers, being played on radio stations, performing across Toronto and getting featured on multiple online platforms globally. Interestingly, he also made his career in the vast Defi space with his NFT collection, which he launched in March 2022. It is already approaching 50 holders. Even on YouTube, he amassed over 150,000 views on his videos in the past year.

Currently, Chhina (https://www.chhinasworld.com/) is working on a series of 6 NFT releases called Chhinapack, including interactive 3D models and two singles in each pack. It will act as a hub for music fans to socialize and engage with virtual performances from him and other acts.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @chhinasworld.