Canadian Popstar Adil C going Viral with Hit Song ‘I Promise’ with Trinity Rose

The duo we’ve all been dreaming of. Adil C & Trinity Rose. The two best friends wrote a song called ‘I Promise’ back in 2021 and released it just recently on February 22nd 2022. A special day we must say? 2.22.2022. We call that the angel number of love.

Adil C is a Canadian Pop Singer from Toronto, ON Canada who was born on April 7th 1997 in Montréal, Quebec. However, Adil has confirmed that he only knows a limited number of French words. But that’s alright. The singer grew up in Mississauga, ON and was first introduced to the world of music at a music shop that was nearby his parent’s clothing store when he was just 8 years old. That is when he picked up his first guitar.

In 2017, Adil C heard ‘Let Me Love You’ by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber, and he absolutely was starstruck. Around this time, he announced to his fans that he’ll be making pop music. Justin Bieber is a huge inspiration towards Adil C, and in some of Adil’s songs it’s almost audible to hear that influence on his voice.

Today Adil C has now over 150,000 of fans actively following his content on social media, with over 10 million people who have listened to his music.

Trinity Rose has been writing music since she was a young kid as well. Trinity was born on December 27th, 2002 in Massachusetts, United States. However, many may not know this but the American Malibu singer is also Canadian, just like Adil C. She is a 19-year-old singer who has appeared on NBC The Voice, and won the golden coveted ticket from ABC’s American Idol. She has also released a hit song with Aidan Gallagher called ‘Miss You’. And now, her latest release being ‘I Promise’ with Adil C.

News has gotten around that Adil C wrote ‘I Promise’ as a demo and it was never to be released. He met Trinity Rose in Malibu in December of 2019 and just loved her vibe. They became close friends. They also really resonated with each other on a musical level as well. Adil loved Trinity’s vocals when he heard it. He asked for her to sing on the demo of ‘I Promise’ to see how it would sound. Once Trinity recorded her vocals in her Malibu studio & sent it back to Adil, he absolutely loved it. “The new vocals changed the whole vibe of the song to something more exciting and dramatic” Adil explains to us. At this point the Canadian singer starts cooking up the song again in his music studio in Toronto.

Summer of 2021, the song is finished so Adil C and Trinity Rose meet up to record the official music video for ‘I Promise’ with Ray Sicard. Ray Sicard is a trusted photographer/cinematographer that does majority of Adil C’s professional shoots. “Ray Sicard is a brother to me. I’ve known him since I was around the age of 14. We’ve played shows on stage together back when I was in a rock band, he trained me how to model for a camera, and we’ve just been through so many things together. He’s a guy that I will always vouch for” Adil C heartedly tells us. Not only does Ray Sicard handle Adil C’s films and shoots, but he is also a close & dear friend to him. We love that connection between the two.

Trinity Rose & Adil C released the song and the music video for it on February 22nd 2022. The song immediately took off. Creators with millions of followers started using the sound on TikTok, fans started doing the same. The song now has over 100k listens on Spotify, and over 350k views on YouTube. And it is not stopping. Neither are the trending videos on TikTok.

Watch the music video here -

Both singers have sky rocketed since the release of ‘I Promise’. See what they’re currently up to right now!