Artist On The Rise “PlayaFrizzy” Sits down with Billboard

-PlayaFrizzy, from San Francisco , California , is a new rising artist that uses pure personality traits that include humor, ambition , confidence , wit, and many more within his music. Since the age of 8, PlayaFrizzy started to perform in talent shows and believed that he was always meant to be a superstar, eventually growing a passion for music. By 2018, PlayaFrizzy started releasing music on SoundCloud and releasing music videos on YouTube, with his first video as “Switchin Up”.

-PlayaFrizzy’s purpose behind his music is to say what is thought but not said. Using his thought process during conversations with friends, family, and women, his goal is to be as genuine as possible with his music and lyrics that involve his daily lifestyle.

-PlayaFrizzy attributes his mother as his biggest inspiration and influence in life. Growing up, PlayaFrizzy witnessed the hardships his mother went through, working 3 jobs, while attaining her masters as a single mother. She eventually was able to open her own business and still continues to keep beating the odds. Everyday since a child, she instilled the mindset that he can achieve anything he truly desires, no matter what people say or think. PlayaFrizzy’s mother has been a major part of his career and will continue to do so.

-PlayaFrizzy’s most recent single “See You When I’m Famous” set the tone by directing it towards his failed love life following a series of rejections. The song is conveying an inspirational theme, stating his goals and calling it early that he will achieve them all, with absolutely nothing holding him back.

-The music video for the single “See You When I’m Famous”, was able to reach 62,000 views in a month despite a long gap between his last upload on YouTube. PlayaFrizzy now plans to release a music video for “Superstar Baby” which is projected to have 100,000 views the first week.

-With a single like “See You When I’m Famous” the future is bright for this talented, young artist, with future goals to win Grammys, earn a spot on the Hollywood walk of fame and instill confidence for those who listen to his music, just as his mother did for him. PlayaFrizzy’s end goal is to be an inspirational figure for people to go after anything they truly desire, while remaining true to themselves by maintaining their morals and values.

-A true student of music and the business, PlayaFrizzy is always in the studio looking to improve his sound. With mentorship from K-Lou, a super producer who has produced many multi-platinum artists (Snoop Dogg, E40, Master P, Ice Cube, Mac Dre, to name a few) PlayaFrizzy continues to grow and incorporate different sounds to remain as versatile as possible.