Rapper Finesse Gang Polo may have just gotten sponsored by dating app POF off the strength of his new single

Published by 'STAFF'

Elevated from the insane viral success of his comeback single ‘No Strings’, Finesse Gang Polo is back on the grind with his latest single ‘POF (Plenty Of Fish)’ that’s destined for similar levels of success.

Continuing the live, love, and plenty of fuckin’ theme that drove the drill-influenced rhythms and rhymes of his previous single, ‘POF (Plenty Of Fish)’ sees FGP tapping into his hedonistic tendencies once more in search of new experiences and new ‘entertainment’. He’s still chasing the finer things in life, let’s say.

With his latest work, the Orlando rapper has realised his creative potential in writing potent lyrics that draw from his everyday life, but aim firmly for the stratosphere in terms of the success he’s set his sights on. Blending the mundane with the magnificent is FGP’s newfound rap recipe, one that saw his previous hit single become a viral phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic which was critically praised from all corners of the music press.

After sitting back, recharging, and re-thinking his approach in 2021, Finesse Gang Polo is going full throttle into 2022. His newly revitalised and unique rap sound has seen his stock grow within the wider rap music community, and the industry is paying close attention. Based on the plaudits he gained from ‘No Strings’, FGP is already being touted as one of the hottest artists of the year, and ‘POF (Plenty Of Fish)’ is only adding fast and furious force to his current winning streak.

The track has made a major impression both on the airwaves and streaming platforms, so much that the Plenty Of Fish dating app have been sniffing out FGP’s representatives, requesting to use ‘POF (Plenty Of Fish)’ in their next advertising cycle. There’s talk of them even sponsoring the single’s campaign to boost its visibility. Given his penchant for dancing and romancing with no strings attached, Finesse Gang Polo feels like an ideal fit to be the dating app’s newest ambassador. Florida watch out: FGP is out and about.

Though the Georgia-born, Orlando-based rapper has forged his career by being undefinable in terms of following the latest trends or the perceived path laid out for him, what truly defines FGP’s newest material is his sheer ambition: his ambition to branch out to where he feels his artistry can flourish, whether it’s expanding his lyrical themes, embracing new genres, or making statements that come from deep in his soul. It’s the respect he pays to himself and his own creativity that makes his future success inevitable.

‘POF (Plenty Of Fish)’ is one of Finesse Gang Polo’s definitive tracks in his career to date, and it’s the sound of a rapper that’s taking his shot at his chosen destiny. There may be plenty of fish in the sea - at least in terms of FGP’s romantic excursions - but he only has one vision. It’s a vision he’s grabbing with both hands, and then some.

If you haven’t checked out this must-hear track yet, make sure you get a glimpse of a master in the making.

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