Meet Talented Rap Artist On The Rise MATTVOND

Born on June 25th, 1995, Matt Daniels better known by his stage name as MATTVOND is an American artist and musician who was born in Riverside and raised in Redlands, CA. As an artist, Matt loves to be original while producing music. He believes that while producing music, one must have creative autonomy, as it’s essential for being unique, original, and positive. As per Matt, his music does not sound like anyone else's. It’s the other artists who imitate his style and flow. His music is all unique and has a MATTVOND vibe to it. He’s a one-of-a-kind individual. It’s been 13 years now since Matt’s been making music. He first got into making music back in 2009 when he was a freshman in high school at Redlands East Valley. It was that time when he got interested in music-making at his grandma’s house and since then, he’s been pursuing it as a career. Of course, making music requires being influenced by other artists which are exactly what happened with Matt. Lil B is one of the main artists who inspired Matt to get into the music business because his cult following and original voice are original and unique, and they continue to inspire Matt to this day. To learn more about Matt, fans can always Google him or listen to his songs on Spotify or Apple Music: MATTVOND.

Since Matt is so inspired by Lil B, making music with him was one of the biggest achievements of his life. He collaborated on two tracks with Lil B. As per him, he never imagined he’ll be able to make music with his favorite artist. It was also fun for Matt to open for Bravo da Bagchaser. Working with both of them was a pleasure for Matt because they are both pleasant and humble. Matt believes in never giving up on his dreams no matter what!!! His life motto is; I'm going to the top and I'm not going to stop!!! He would also like to expand himself from the music industry and pursue other interests such as acting and modeling.

MATTVOND would like to advise the younger artists, especially those, which are new to the music business to be themselves. Don't try to imitate someone else's voice. And don't include other people in your best songs; you want to be the center of attention, so aim for the stars!!!

To learn more about the artist, follow him on IG: @thewhitebasedgod and