Getting To Know Upcoming Musician Isaiah Travail

Isaiah Travail is a professional musical artist and songwriter from Tuscaloosa Alabama.  

- Why do you love music? 

I love music because it’s always been the creative outlet that I can express myself regardless of the social setting. 

- What makes you different as a music artist? 

I grew up as the middle child in a household of musicians. My dad runs a non profit music school that teaches kids how to read music. My older and younger brothers both play professionally in bands. I believe the ability to be held accountable for making progress in my music gives me a level of discipline that makes me different as an artist.

- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

 As an artist I want to make a lasting mark in the industry as someone that innovated  during the expansion of audio into the digital era of music consumption. My ambition is to be able to continue to grow in developing new and better material and collaborate with my brothers in doing studio appearances, shows, and tours. I also hope to help expand my dads business. 

- What do you want to accomplish in life? 

My mission is to leave this world knowing that I grew up to become a good father to my children, a good brother to my family, a good husband to my wife, and a loyal friend to the people that know me.

- What do you bring to the music world? 

As a producer I bring a diverse mixture of acoustic sounds from live instruments and computer generated electric sounds from various software bases when cutting tracks; as an artist I bring a barrage of similes and metaphors to cover a wide variety of subject content to reach the everyday listener.

-  What do you want to be remembered by? 

Love, cause at the end of the day it’s the only thing that matters