Courtney Sanderson Exclusive! Collaborating with DaBaby & French Montana

Courtney Sanderson expresses her heartfelt gratitude towards some of her biggest collaborations. She has been featured on DaBaby’s Bop On Broadway music video which has hit over 446 million views. She took the stage again with DaBaby at one of his recent shows in Las Vegas. Sanderson also featured her dances the same weekend on stage with French Montana.

Back to back performances with two of the hottest names in Hip Hop!
Surrounding herself with artists with nothing but support and love for her has enhanced her joy for her career even more. Her experiences with both artists were filled with nothing but support and humbleness. “Dababy is such a humble person and gave me such an amazing opportunity to be able to perform my skills and be showcased on a huge platform. I’m forever grateful for my experiences.”

She stated that these artists were some of the most respectful and professional people she has worked with, saying “Definitely, my favorite artists that I’ve worked with so far!” These artists have created a supportive and professional environment for Sanderson, but they have also opened up a handful of opportunities for her. Sanderson was given the opportunity of casting her dance partners in French Montana’s new music video release. She spoke of how much fun she had performing next to her closest friend during this opportunity.

Taking a deeper dive into her career, Sanderson spoke of how her career does not involve just dancing but her athletics and gymnast talents as well. With all her training and professional years in such fields, she used all the things she loved to combine them into a performance that has awed her audience. Her feature with DaBaby was her debut that caught the eye of millions and more. From her gymnast and strength training, she has been able to create creative twerk dances using all her hidden talents. She has been able to bring attention from her growing audience to her talents. She shared a few details of upcoming projects coming out this summer. Letting her fans
know to keep an eye out for some new releases of her own and more collaborations to come.

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Photographer : MONSEE WOOD