Hip Hop’s Hidden Gem!

The music business is often unpredictable and filled with many unexpected outcomes. The pandemic gave a lot of mainstream as well as up-and-coming artists a chance to shine and release more music and while for many it was a setback one fearless Miami Rapper used it as a stepping stone to cement himself as the hottest prospect in the hip hop game.

Donning the Moniker of Smiles Official this enigmatic trapper announced himself to the world with hit projects such as “¥€$”, “All Grams No Scams”, “Shop Open”, and “Streets Academy”. Smiles is undoubtedly talented and his charismatic energy on the mic is unmatched. He didn’t rest on his laurels and in 2021 he dropped the hit single “Bands in the Trap” which features the immovable Tory Lanez and captured the hearts of many hip hop and trap fans. Smiles’ latest project “Tax Season” continues that flow of momentum and sets up Smiles as one of Miami’s finest rappers.

Smiles is captivating and honest in his music, it is probably his most endearing trait as he is fully immersed in the Miami culture and is often described as the voice of the average Miami hustler. He isn’t big on fantasies and selling dreams but rooted in the very real daily struggles and emotions that affect all of us. He also has a big heart and is involved in community work such as -The Trick Love The Kids Christmas Toy Drive-in which he has taken part in for over a decade.

When you listen to Smiles you can understand and feel the love that he has for the game and he cites numerous legends of the game as his early influences however he is creative and unique such that he has put his own one of a kind spin on his own music, bringing some intricately woven bars and catchy hooks to his music. Hip Hop better not sleep on Smiles Official because this rapper is here to officially change the game!