Chicago Rap Artist Gorilla Boy Nuk Releases the music video and single for “Embrace The Hate”


While the clout chasing era and lackluster of substance rap travels throughout an industry of come and go artists, Chicago rap artist Gorilla Boy Nuk’s vision and values extend far beyond what most call legacy in the making. The new single and visual for “Embrace The Hate” highlights not just an artist who has as much heart as he does work ethic; but also dedicating himself to becoming an entirely independent artist capable of writing, performing and pushing himself into new sounds musically as well as collaborations to expand his creative toolbox.

 In the song he raps: “Out of all the love given, i embrace the hate Critics come from dreams that been shattered they want motivate Bi****s that then dissed me tranna hang but I ain’t having it Skittle colors diamonds in his mouth sound like a cavity”

Watch The Video For “Embrace The Hate”:

Gorilla Boy Nuk’s new single “Embrace The Hate” is available now on all Digital Streaming Platforms:



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