The Bat Is Flying up the Charts! - Smvvth

Based out of Greensboro, North Carolina, Smvvth (born Kevin Townsend) is a rapper with a fiercely independent streak. With a style that compares to Fabolous, Snoop Dogg, Ma$e and CL Smooth, his flow is laid back and smooth but yet very powerful. Smvvth took inspiration from East Coast rap legends like Notorious B.I.G. and Big L and began rapping in the early 2000's, gradually building word of mouth buzz through several self-released mixtapes. Smvvth is most popular for his "Bat Tape" trilogy popular tracks include “Liberace," "Clarity," and "Bat Love." The talented MC “No Guidance remix” caught listeners all over the internet and went Viral!! Smvvth is apart of the same hip hop collective That JK The Reaper is apart of “Fang Life” 

6 Million+ Spotify Stream / 40,463 Monthly Listeners 
Added to 328.7K Spotify Playlist 
11.4K Instagram Followers 
200,000 SoundCloud Stream 
51K Apple Music Stream 

Instagram: @Smvvth 
Twitter: @Smvvth 
TikTok: @Smvvth