Mr. Who??? releases "Funkton" Discover It Now!

MrWho??? Is a Dallas-based jazz/funk/hip hop artist who channels the rhythmic energy of funk, colliding it with the experimental sounds of jazz and his ‘adlibenist’ vocal stylings. The result is a concoction that is hard to put your finger on, and could only be described as ‘Funkjazzhop’, a name put forth by MrWho??? himself. In serendipitous fashion, MrWho??? shares his birthday with George Edward Clinton from Parliament Funkadelic, a pivotal influence on his sound.

The keys to the mothership were passed down to him, as MrWho??? sets forth on his journey through space and time, creating oceans of sonic vibrations along the way. Other influences include the likes of Cameo, James Brown Barkays, George Duke, Lakeside, Maze, and Earth, Wind & Fire to name just a few. With a pinpoint vision in mind, MrWho??? began his quest, searching for those who were on a similar musical wavelength to him. In 2019, MrWho???