Meet Upcoming Music Artist From Canada: Luski

Alex from Victoria, British Columbia,Canada, also known as “Luski” is known for his Music and Film production. In 2015 Luski began his pathway in Film Production which led him to become a creative. Leading himself as a creative Luski has been able to cultivate music videos, commercials, and even develop graphic design. The talent does not end here! His work with film has led him to be surrounded by several music artist such as rappers. The inspiration he received while working as a film producer spiked his interest in becoming a music artist himself.

Luski began taking music seriously in 2019. As he developed his sound and surrounded himself with the right people, Luski released his new single “Hustle Code” featuring major Florida rapper, Dave From The Grave. The well connected rapper has already opened up shows for artist such as Afro B, Teni The Entertainer and of course Dave From The Grave. One of Luskis moguls and canadas very own, Drake, is behind Luskis drive and hustle. Drake being a Canadian and the successful rapper he is Luskis inspiration to keep thriving and reaching his dream. Luski being the versatile creative he is, will continue working on new music and his film production as well. Make sure to follow Luski on all his social media platforms at @Luskiofficial.