Upcoming Artist Ekou Sanchez is taking the internet by storm

Ekou Sanchez is an Independent Hip-Hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. During the first year of emerging into the rap scene, he has surpassed tens of thousands of streams across all platforms and has touched the hearts of over 100,000+ followers on social media.

His highly anticipated single “Breaking Point” is dropping Jan. 17th on all platforms and the leaked snippet has already gathered a wide array of support. His previously released single, “Galaxy WRLD”, accumulated 1,000+ streams within 24 hours of the debut and has racked in several thousand more since. The sky's the limit for the young superstar, and with only a few months in the industry and 4 songs released, I am excited to see where he is headed in the near future.

His age, versatility, and unique style easily distinguish him from other musicians in the industry and I believe it is only a matter of time before his name is widely recognized across the globe. Ekou Sanchez, a young artist with no manager, label, or distribution deal is making a place for himself in the industry at only 17 years old. I look forward to watching his growth and success.

For more information on the young artist, keep up to date with all the latest news posted on his Instagram page: https://Instagram.com/ekou