The Biggest CEO Fly Ty

Residing in Atlanta originally from Queens, New York,Vice President of A&R for Epic Records and  CEO of Against Da Grain Entertainment ``Fly Ty'' is using his knowledge and experience in the music industry to help change lives. With the recent signings of Philmon Lee and Jamie Ray he is on the way to being one of music industry’s biggest CEO’s. While label execs are on the hunt for the next viral sensation, Fly Ty is doing things his way and focusing primarily on the key ingredient, TALENT. He creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and young execs by being active in at-risk communities. Fly Ty strives to be an example and provide a positive blueprint for today’s youth as well. One brick at a time Fly Ty is building a roster of talent that focuses on all genres of music, including country, pop, trap country and hip hop. Fly Ty's success with Jamie Ray the country trap king proves his method of thinking outside the norm works. In four months Jamie garnered over 150 million on Tik Tok and 40 million plus streams industry insiders are comparing the Against Da Grain Entertainment boss artist roster to the likes of Clarence Avant Sussex Records.

Philmon Lee released his debut EP “706” to critical acclaim catching the eye of R&B and Hip Hop superstars Usher and Young Thug, the latter featured on Philmon’s next single being released in first quarter of 2022.  As a 10-year music vet, Fly Ty aims to provide a breath of fresh air in the industry via his position at Epic Records and his label Against Da Grain Entertainment. Fly Ty prides himself on being honest, morally sound, a man of principles and integrity which are characteristics that seem to fade in the music industry. Early on in life he made some decisions that led to prison. Fly Ty never to be defeated, didn't go numb and used his decisions as motivation to want more. He always works 10 times harder believing that everyone has a head start on him.With the ultimate goal of deterring somebody from making the same poor decisions that he did at 17 years old. He always pushes artists to their full potential. Fly Ty crafted and created Atlanta’s number 1 studio ADG Studios with a vision that we need more leaders in the industry. Be on the lookout for great things from Fly Ty and Against Da Grain Entertainment Follow Fly Ty on Instagram: @iamflytyy and Against Da Grain Ent on Instagram: @againstdagrainent.