Jay Tune is Next Up

Jay Tune is an American up and coming Artist from Southern California. He is of African American decent and was born in April 19, 1996. From a young age Jay Tune’s sound has been very unique bringing all sorts of different Styles and creativity, from Hip Hop / Rap to Smooth Melodic/ R&B type flows. He has dropped one of His Hottest tracks in 2021 called “Move” Produced by MrSoloBeats and has 100k+ streams across all major streaming platforms. Jay Tune is not just your ordinary Artist, In 2016 he turned to a new hobby and started shooting music Videos and has created a Film Production Company called “TuneInVisuals” (Tune-In-Visuals). His passion started to pickup and has taken him big places all across the country working behind the scenes for major Signed and Unsigned Artists. TuneInVisuals content has been viewed by 100s of Thousands of people all across all major social media platforms. Jay Tune takes pride in directing, shooting, and editing all his videos, and enjoys collaborating with other Content Creators. Jay Tune currently resides In Charlotte, North Carolina and has Teamed Up with Artist Manager / Music Marketing Specialist Nice Prospect, they have joined forces opening a recording studio providing opportunities for talented Artist to expand in their careers.