Discover Zone AM" and his "Up n tha Am", Pt.3"

As You all see that Zone AM" Don't Lose at all As He Remain King Of Verzuz Tv From his first to third Album.

His success doesn't stop We asked AM" ourselves would He squash Beef with Drake & others ... AM" saids he would actually Not But It's Not Nothing or Something personal to it All LOL 30 Bandz in Boxing Ring If drake Serious Other than that feud with Dude Is Really forgettable but Either way It's a Career People Don't Sweat He's not Looking forward to working with any of the Artists He Had Dissed. So In Zone AM"s Word Zone Up & As Hes Michael Myers with This Music. Its Unlimited.

"I would Do all that but a rapper really didn't influence me it was really me just listening to instrumentals and hearing rhythm and metaphors that made music as I always give the fans real music I can always hear them say that that they remembered that I said I was going to be that Superstar the real messages don't let a person say you can't Make Magic."

Press play right now and enjoy: