CEO Mark Savage speaks on real estate in the metaverse, pursuing a doctorate, and family

Mark Sanders Jr, aka CEO Mark Savage considers himself late to the game when it comes to investing in NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. He collected his first one in summer 2021. But when it comes to buying up property in the metaverse, Savage is early. Eight months ago, the West Coast based venture capitalist and a group of associates calling themselves the “Bag Chasers” used a virtual real estate broker to buy 8 parcels in The Sandbox, a user-generated, blockchain-based virtual world, for prices starting at 1ETH (about $3,000). A nearby property sold for about 42ETH, or $130,000. CEO Mark Savage gives it up to education as he explains he network being his net worth. “Staying educated and now going after my doctorate” is what places me in these positions. 

Savage also explained how his legacy being his two year old son, Mark Sanders, III will be able to reap the benefits of my hard work. Also expressing how he wants to retire in his mid 30’s and live life. He stated “I heard J Cole say you can never have enough money, success, women etc if that’s your focus”. It hit home for Savage. Savage states you can expect to see him create his own metaverse home soon, more production/songwriting, and more time and love given to his wife and son.