The Banger Of The Day: ‘Sunlight Moonlight’ By V-lo

V-lo is an emerging hip-hop artist whose creative music resonates with the crowd. His rap lyrics are an expression of self-motivation and determination—two attributes that V-lo wants to preach on stage through his music.  

Born in Prichard and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, V-lo had a perchance for gospel rap, R$B and the Blues ever since he was a little child. He would listen and vibe to the upbeat tunes of his favorite genres with his father and paternal family in gatherings and occasions. It was a coincidence that his friends too shared the same interest, which gave V-lo the opportunity to emerge as a raging music artist today. 

Sometimes, receiving compliments from strangers gives you a sense of eternal gratitude and takes your hopes to places you wouldn’t even imagine. V-lo swears by this code and owes significant gratitude to a stranger who complimented him for his unique style of music. V-lo felt greatly appreciated and became more determined to do better. 

This Alabama-based music artist hasn’t yet performed with any legends of the industry, but he has been quite actively compared to the likes of T-Pain, Akon and Nate Dogg. V-lo compares his musical style to that of T-Pain and hopes to achieve bigger things in his career. With a hint of originality and just the right ingredients to create soulful and passionate music, V-lo aims to tackle the world with his bold persona, and Charming personality.

His latest single, ‘Sunlight Moonlight’, does not only do justice to the genre of hip-hop and rap, but it also delivers a smooth, mellow and laid-back vibe. V-lo loves making and recording new music and believes he can achieve better things with consistency, persistence and utmost determination.  

He also has came a long way since 2010, not knowing which direction to go decided to take matters into his own hands, fast forward a few years down the line now having his own wrap snacks and now has currently signed a deal distribution deal with GT Digital Distribution, and is the founder of “GWTP" GET WITH THE PROGRAM. It's a movement that's going to shock the world because everything you're dealing with in life you should get with the program and do it to your best ability. Merchandise coming soon…

Press play right now and enjoy:

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