RockstarRican is Becoming A Big Name In The Music Industry.

RockstarRican (@RockstarRican) is an unbelievable talent taking the music industry by surprise. His track like “ Thot ” have been recognized for its stellar production value and lyrical expertise. RockstarRican also knows that one day he will be in the mainstream spotlight. He’s already got A&R’s from Defjam And Atlantic Records that follow him on Instagram, and he’s thinking about releasing another single in a few weeks.

RockstarRican credits his early success to creating an invincible mindset. He says that he is able to write his own narrative when it comes to career, and he doesn’t let anyone that doubts him get to his head.

RockstarRican advises other up and coming artists to do the same. He warns artists that there will always be haters and doubters as you are following your dream. He says that the only reason people try to dissuade you from pursuing your passion is that they are afraid of following their passion themselves. RockstarRican believes that the only way around this is to create your own rock-solid narrative that will keep you firm in your beliefs.

A big part of creating this narrative for yourself is having the vision to see yourself exactly where you want to be. RockstarRican says that there is no reason you can’t accomplish anything you set your mind to, so don’t be afraid to set high goals. Once you’ve set a goal for yourself, 

RockstarRican says that you shouldn’t pay any mind to people that doubt you. RockstarRican is able to wash out all the negativity from his mind, and that’s what has allowed him to stay focused on his craft.

RockstarRican believes that the only reason you need a strong mindset is so that you don’t stop working. He knows that there are plenty of talented individuals out there, but they don’t have the foresight to work extremely hard for their goal. He says that the only reason he was able to maintain his work ethic is that he saw the end result clearly in his mind way before he achieved it. It’s going to be hard to work towards something that you don’t have 100% belief in RockstarRican says.

He hopes to motivate people by showing that anything that you put your mind to is possible. RockstarRican believes that a lot of people are unmotivated because they simply don’t see what is possible if they set their minds towards their goals. He believes that people won’t have motivation unless they know that everything their working towards in the end is going to be worth it.

And even though RockstarRican has achieved some modicum of success, he is always setting bigger and bigger goals for himself. He believes that it’s really easy to get complacent once you’ve made it as far as he has. He’s seen plenty of talented artists get complacent after getting their first record deal, and their careers have tanked as a result. RockstarRican plans on staying in the game for decades, he doesn’t want to be the next one-hit-wonder.

He also believes that plenty of rappers make the mistake of following trends. RockstarRican makes a concentrated effort to maintain a sense of originality in his music. After all, He believes that trends come and go, but originality is always in style. RockstarRican is focused on making timeless music. Not music that will make you scratch your head if you listen to it ten years in the past or in the future. 

For now, RockstarRican will continue rolling out music for is fans/supporters. He has been continuously grinding out music before and throughout quarantine and plans to continue doing so.

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