Cyffa Leyenda and Gold Producer Its64boy hit song Fineto is still on the Radar

It’s been a long journey building this phenomenal hip-hop record Fineto. For 12 months this song has streamed 25k+ every month On Spotify. On Apple Music they just received results in for 7,850 streams on rotation. On SoundCloud they’ve accumulated 1,460,000+ streams on rotation through playlist and fan plays. On their music video, they’ve recently released streamed 24k+ plays and consistently being watched everyday. After the 4th month of the release FAT JOE reposted the record giving it a little shine as it was already surfing the internet. Fans are saying their sound they’ve brought together has something new to the table for music listeners. For example implying that a Cyffa and Denzel Curry feature would be something, they’d want to hear. Fineto was produced by YoungFrenchy808 who has worked with Maybach Music Group and more. This record was also produced by Its64boy who is the founder of StackinUpEnt who also was the one that sponsored the studio session for Fineto to be recorded. Cyffa Leyenda put all these people together on one record and created one huge masterpiece throughout a smooth business plan. Before the record was released Cyffa Leyenda and Its64boy created a guaranteed marketing plan for the record and surpassed the invented estimate. Consistency played a major role in Fineto’s success.

Recently this year Cyffa Leyenda recently received a silver Spotify plaque award for 100k+ streams and also has a charting plaque from iTunes charting #96 on hiphop charts coming soon. Along with that he has a SoundCloud plaque of 1,000,000+ streaming plaque coming soon.