Cat Calabrese Is One Of The Best Pop Vocalists In The Game

Hailing from Cleveland, Cat Calabrese is a pop vocalist and songwriter. She writes her lyrics with fearless vulnerability while weaving in memorable and catchy pop melodies. Cat began her solo career as a way to cope with and heal from trauma. Feeling stripped of all control, she looked to music to regain her power and begin fighting back.  In doing so, she is cultivating a pop sound that reflects a woman who is ready to tell her own story in her own words.

Cat launched her career in March 2021 with her debut single, "Quicksand", co-produced by a collaborator of Machine Gun Kelly's. Eager to build on the momentum of Quicksand, Cat  teamed up with Cleveland producer and songwriter DJ London Bridges and she has been consistently releasing new singles since her debut. She has gained the attention of Rolling Stone and landed an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.  Cat says she is "telling her truth one song at time". Whether she is belting a powerhouse break-up anthem or showing her softer, more vulnerable side, Cat's music will leave you humming her truths and eager to hear more.

Link for latest single:

Interview with Cat Calabrese
What's your name?
Cat Calabrese

Where are you from?
Cleveland, OH

When did you start making music?
September 2020

Where can we find you mostly, in the studio or in the club?
Definitely, in the studio, I would live there if I could

Who is your childhood hero?
Was and still is both of my parents. They taught me to go after my dreams and have supported me unconditionally since day one. 

What's the best way for someone reading this to find you on social media, what's your main platform?
Instagram has everything you could want to know about me! Find and follow me @catcalabresemusic. 

Do you have anything to share with the fans, any hints on new songs or collaborations?
I am heading back into the studio very soon and I'm super excited to have these new songs reflect all that's happened this past year and the artist I've become. 
I may or may not be collaborating with Billboard charting artist and rapper Menice on several upcoming projects, you'll just have to wait and see!

Add any info you want to communicate here (optional)
Stay tuned for my next single dropping in January 2022.

TikTok: @catcalabrese