Tme news catches up with former LHHNY Chrissy Monroe

Exclusive: Former LHHNY Cast Chrissy Monroe: Life after Love and Hip-hop

Recently I caught up with Chrissy Monroe. Chrissy starred on Love and Hip Hop New York, Season 5 in 2014. She is well known for her love of food and fashion. On season 5 of Love and Hip Hop, Chrissy was involved with Chink Santana. Chrissy later became involved with a younger man and became a victim of domestic violence. Her experience with this led her to establish her nonprofit organization, Survive to Thrive Global.

Survive to Thrive is an organization established to help women who are tangled in domestic violence. It includes various forms of support for victims of domestic violence. Chrissy found after dealing with her own situation that there are many outdated laws in place for domestic violence, and she is striving to update these. See more on this at

In a recent interview, Chrissy shared some of the things that have happened since Season 5. One year ago, Chrissy was hospitalized with a clot in her liver. A normally healthy person, she became alarmed after a pain in her leg would not go away for 5 days. She sought medical attention and ended up hospitalized. Five surgeries followed. She has recovered now but wants to bring attention to this illness that can strike out of nowhere.

While recovering from her surgeries, Chrissy had time to reflect on her life and some of her earlier decisions. She saw that she had been partying too much, choosing the wrong men, and not making the best choices. She decided to concentrate on making a difference. Although she has faced much adversity in her life, including homelessness and a dysfunctional family, she refuses to let this dictate her future. She states, “Anyone can change. I never (use the past) to make excuses. I use it as a motivation to improve.”

Chrissy also began a series of new ventures, things she is passionate about that she wants to share with her fans.

One project she is passionate about is her clothing collection Serving Looks™. Chrissy, a long-time Barbie enthusiast, can now display her fabulous clothes, makeup, lingerie, skin care and the other things she loves. Fans can see these items @servinglooks on IG or buy them at

Chrissy, a foodie for many years also started doing food reviews. Her reviews have put her in the top 10% of local New York city food reviewers for Google. Chrissy will show you her favorite foods at her favorite restaurants. You might see her cook a meal or two on Instagram live. Fans can follow this journey on her Instagram page 

Another recent project is Chrissy’s new reality series on Amazon Prime. This show, Finding Chrissy, is six episodes. It covers the “reality” after reality television and highlights Chrissy’s businesses, her clothing line, and other projects. Chrissy breaks down how someone’s life changes after being on reality tv, the good and the bad, how she is dealing with this. She describes using her platform to talk about the things that are important to her.

A premiere date for the show “Finding Chrissy” has not been released yet.

Chrissy also teases that she is writing a book about her life. More information on this to follow.

To see Chrissy in person, go to my recent YouTube interview: