Our exclusive interview with Karen Tafa and listen to “Torture”

Today, we met with Karen Tafa, a successful artist that offers pure musical gifts to the world. 

Known for her angelic and enchanting vocals, along with her deep and truthful compositions, Karen Tafa is a Motswana living in Los Angeles who has been consolidating in the current music market.

“Torture” is one of his standout songs, released in 2020 the song has a high-quality video clip on the Youtube platform. With rhythmic beats, the artist brings memories of The Weekend, reaching the highest notes of her vocals, which aims to bring a message about herself.

“Torture” is the possibility of a moment out of time, through a magical musical journey:

We had the pleasure to discuss with Karen Tafa, discover our interview with her right now:

1- Great to have you on our blog. Please, introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Karen Tafa. I am a pop artist from Botswana living in the USA. I have been songwriting for over 10 years and I started taking music seriously from the age of 14.

2- What got you into music and made you realize that it was your chosen path?
When I was 10 years old I found out about Justin Bieber before he got discovered on Youtube. As I followed him religiously I saw him grow from being unknown to being an international artist. It was from then on that I realized that even though I was not in the USA, I could still achieve my goals. It was because of him that I started playing guitar and songwriting. From there I caught the bug and ever since then I haven’t stop making music and content in general.

3- Tell us about your new Single. And what’s the story behind it?
Torture is the first song of mine to ever have a music video because I felt that it had such a strong story behind it. It is a song I wrote at a very low point in my life. I was in the midst of completing my final year in college and I felt like the whole world was crashing down on me. I remember very distinctly trying to fall asleep but failing so I decided to get up and do what I usually when I’m struggling my with my thoughts, which is write.

The song is a result of me pouring my emotions out about a situation a lot of people have experienced in some way shape or form. It is a song about knowing that something or someone is not good for you and still not being able to remove yourself from the situation no matter how much you try to.

4- What makes your music unique? How would you describe it?
I draw inspiration from very unorthodox sources. For example k-pop, R&B, American pop and South African house music. I feel that when I am writing all of these sounds manifest themselves in my music. This is also why I struggled to define my sound for long, until i realized I was not meant to fit in.
My music has evolved drastically from my last project. Whereas i would describe my last project as mellow, personal and vibey, I would say my new music is more fun, energetic and explorative. As a listener, you will get immersed into the story and what I was feeling when writing each song while being able to apply it to your life.

5- What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?
For starters, stop being aspiring and just be. Start writing, start completing songs and sharing them with the world. I waited for so long to put out music out of fear of it not being perfect and that is something I regret. You learn better and faster by being forced to evolve past your last piece of work.

6- Who are your biggest musical influences? And any particular artist/band you would like to collaborate with in the future?
I would say Justin Bieber because he is the reason I started music in the first place. I also look up to Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Blackpink as performers. I have also being linked to Katy Perry.
I would like to write with Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Megan The Stallion.

7- If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?
Thank you so much for being by my side and being patient with me. I promise to make you proud and show you that anything is possible.

8- What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?
Yes. I have a couple of songs lined up for early next year that are going to be extremely fun. People can look forward to seeing me a lot more in the beginning of 2022.