Our exclusive interview with Dough From Da Go and listen to “Mineral Water”

So, the Mineral Water Album has dropped and you did it on your own timing with the release and upcoming roll out. What’s the reaction to the project?

Word, yea the reactions Is dope, a lot of the reaction is just all around comments to me or social media about what joints are they favorites etc. We goin up for sure…

Tell us about the first single, “Same 24”

Same 24, the motivational joint for the world to vibe to, it’s also the first official single off the Mineral Water project featuring the kingly talents of Kentrell and produced by the almighty ILL BROWN. We shot the video in 4 days and it was lit! Shout out to the director Qua.litti / FTY Studios. Look for that “Same 24” video on Youtube.

What are some of the things people can look forward to with the Mineral Water project ?

The many events from the listening sessions, parties and special merch pop ups I have planned throughout 2022. As well as the comic book, documentary and live band shows etc.

As for the process and the making, what were some of the difficult moments in the background that you dealt with while visualizing this MH2o phenom?

Losing almost 17-20 of the first round of songs/ sessions recorded for MH2o due to the passing of the recording studio owner etc. (RIH) . Self doubt, being hard on myself at times. Sample clearances, feature clearances the list goes on.

“Trap Chronicles”, “Out Of It” , “Get Over You” and Play w/ Yo H*ez are fan favorites on the album. What’s your process like with records you chose to make the final album cut?

With songs, I gotta wanna hear em over and over again, you know timeless and Playback value go hand in hand. So when I’m listening to/ picking songs or creating, I just keep that in mind.

Listening to the project, there are multiple vibes on it from soulful to turnup to peace and positivity, was that your vision for it?

Absolutely, i most definitely wanted to have an all around project but at the same time make sure the vibes stayed flowing throughout the project. I’m a hip hop head at heart and my ear stays to the streets and to the hip hop sound rather golden or new era.

There’s a rumor you actually produced 3 songs on this album under an alias? 

Yea lol that’s true. I produced “Calabasas”, “Play w/ Yo H*ez” & “Prayer” under my producer alias “Uncle JoNH III”

How can everyone get up with Dough on social media?

MINERAL WATER ALBUM LINK: https://linktr.ee/MH2o