Mr. Green is reimagining the way we release music

Mr. Green has been on a truly epic run lately, putting out one after another oddly titled “ninja” songs featuring a-list rappers on releases themed after 1980s bootleg ninja movies.  Despite the bootleg vhs theme, the music is anything but bootleg, appearing on all major streaming platforms as well as some limited edition 7” vinyl that looks like it belongs at Comic-Con.  The way the music is delivered is unlike anything we’ve ever seen or heard in the past.  It’s a bit hard to figure out, the tracks aren’t simply just remixes of old songs, but they have a vintage, worn in feel to them.  They appear to be new songs created with rare and unreleased vocals from a variety of different time periods.  The results are truly breathtaking, it sounds like something from a long lost mixtape that would have been a cult classic were it ever released.  It appears like Mr. Green may have invented a new way to make music with these “ninja” songs.

Gucci Ninja Assassins

featuring Gucci Mane:

Golden Ninja Empire (Yayo Ninjas)
featuring Rick Ross:

Gucci Ninja Assassins 2: in the Metal Garden of Fire

featuring Gucci Mane and Garden of Fire:

Supreme Ninja Training Montage

featuring DMX:

Hall of Flying Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles

featuring Lil Wayne:

Street Champion

featuring Jadakiss:

We reached out to Green to find out about his ninja techniques, what artists he’s working with next, where fans can purchase vinyl, whether there will be a full ninja album etc. but he declined to comment.  We will be tuned in to his next move never the less.