Lil Mav Explodes Onto The New York Hip-Hop Scene

The innovative young talent is quickly establishing himself as a go-to producer for some of the biggest talents in the city.

Lil Mav has an uncanny ability to blend genres together into a distinctive style that pushes the sound of hip-hop forward. Inspired by everything from Lil Wayne to Kanye West, his fearless productions have fueled his rapid rise. His latest track is a collaboration with the iconic Ronsuno.

Lil Mav and Ronsuno are a perfect match for each other, amplifying each other’s abilities and creating something that sounds brand new. With over one million followers, Ronsuno is a top tier artist, and Lil Mav proves himself worthy of such a high profile collaboration. Lil Mav is poised to continue his take over of the New York music world with a steady stream of new tracks expected this year and beyond. 

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