Get To Know The Young Prodigy: Snailrida

Jan Schneckenreither, famously known as Snailrida, was born on December 11, 2002, and is a musician, singer, and songwriter. He believes that his productions would help boost the spirit of anyone.  He grew up in Feldkirch, Austria, with the ambition of one day becoming a well-known artist. He's been composing music for the past five years, starting with EDM and then moving on to beats. Snailrida will release a producer album on November 12th upon whom he worked with newcomers from all over the world, blending a wide range of genres. He has devoted a year of his life to this work, putting his heart and soul into it to create a global influence. Several persons have inspired him during his life. Like everything in his life, his music reflects it, and you can tell what mood he's in by listening to some of his songs.

His music is distinct in that he puts his heart and soul into each song. Because a song is changed repeatedly, it may take an eternity to complete. And launching a good project isn't enough for Snailrida. Before releasing it online for the public to listen to and enjoy, it must be excellent. He has worked with several notable musicians over his career, including Fameus, Henney, and Gezin of 808mafia. He's also worked with Internet Money's Census and Cxdy, including a slew of other producers like Nik Dean, Gunboi, and others. In the future, he wants to develop his partnerships with other musicians and continue to improve his artistic talents. He has a vision of himself proclaiming, "I did everything flawlessly" for every project he has completed.

To know more about the artist, visit the following:
Instagram: @snailrida
Twitter: @snailrida_ 
Snapchat: @schneckjan