Bella Blaq Releases Music With A Brand New Sound

Bella Blaq has had a lifelong love story with music with no intention of breaking up. Born Shekira Snipes, The Blakely Georgia native, like many back children of her time, grew uprooted in the church belting away soul-stirring gospel.

While in middle school, Bella would casually freestyle for her schoolmates to rave reviews and encouragement to maximize her rapping potential. But Blaq didn't need the extra boost. Constantly self-aware and confident in her skills, the young budding rapper as a child always knew her future lay in music, wrestling, or the church. Ultimately, music won out, and she has been blazing a trail ever since. 

The Blaq Evolution

To say Bella Blaq is confident would be a gross understatement. Confidence oozes from her pores and is evident on every single eight-bar she delivers like the pro she is. But she isn't boxed in. She will be the first to tell you music has saved her in more ways than one, but that has never stopped her from broadening her horizons. Now she is not only a proud rapper but also a noteworthy songwriter and budding actress. 

Never one to grow complacent, Blaq introduces her steadily growing fanbase to an evolved sound and style in her latest iTunes charting single 'IDK’. The quintessential hip anthem drops a hard-hitting beat from the get-go, forcing listeners to stay tuned to what is inevitably a powerhouse track. ‘IDK’ tells the story of the artist's courageousness, and carefree approach to battling anything life throws her way. She effortlessly displays her brand-new flow with signature raunchy lyrics and new succinct delivery complimented by her unmissable raspy baritone. Bella Blaq's evolution epitomizes her dedication to her craft and a willingness to maintain her cutting-edge stride, which will undoubtedly see her rising to the top of the very competitive Hip-Hop industry.

Inspirations and Aspirations

Bella Blaq lists the great Missy Elliot, multitalented Andre 3000, rap legend in the making Drake, and soulful and sultry Lauren Hill as her biggest musical influences and dream collaborators. 

Bella unashamedly wears her heart on her sleeves and leaves every emotion on her tracks. Her music is a siren's call, willing her fans to accompany her through every one of life's journeys as she delights them with charismatic hardcore rapping that will no doubt make a permanent stay on the soundtrack of their lives.

Blaq is a straight shooter who urges her fans to grab life by the reins and be the captain of their own ship. In the same breath, she implores every upcoming artist she encounters never to lose sight of their vision and never judge themselves by anyone else's successes as each path is truly unique. 

What's Next for Bella Blaq?

Bella Blaq is a hard worker set on overtaking the rap game one track at a time. The triple threat entertainer is gearing up to release her debut EP with collaboration from Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer Epikhpro, which will definitely cement her as a force to be reckoned with. 

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